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MAY 2016

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Page 22 of 35 Unmanned Tech Solutions | Armor & Mobility | May 2016 | 21 tires are designed for peak performance at full vehicle payload and eliminate the need for an on-vehicle spare, which increases available payload. TERRAINARMOR tires also provide a better center-of-gravity and improved cornering due to less tire roll. This tire technology is currently offered on the Polaris MV850 and Polaris' commercial RANGER models. Polaris Defense customers appreciate that robust commercial off-the-shelf components are used for intuitive operation and easier maintenance worldwide. Polaris Defense also has been recognized for its hybrid approach to vehicle service and support by providing our military customers with a very high level of support at a relatively low cost. By leveraging the existing Polaris dealer and distributor network, the Defense business doesn't have the significant overhead of maintaining 100s of in-country facilities. Support is also tailored to the specific needs of the customer, which most often that includes operator training and mechanic certification courses. Understanding that military mechanics are already excellent technicians, Polaris Defense mechanics certification course teaches them the specifics of Polaris vehicles. This includes providing the unit with a training and certification program for their maintainers for the repair and servicing of Polaris vehicles and all required in-field maintenance. Defense Sector Driven Polaris has produced more off-road vehicles than anyone else, and has an extensive variety of these vehicles in service with militaries around the world. In addition to the family of ultralight combat vehicles, Polaris provides government and military customers with RANGER side-by-side utility vehicles; BRUTUS diesel side-by-side utility vehicles with a front PTO system; the RANGER with HIPPO MPS, a diesel side-by-side utility vehicle with an integrated HIPPO Multipower System; and snowmobiles. Other off-road capabilities that Polaris Defense provides include Polaris unmanned and optionally manned vehicles that are ready to accept robotics hardware and software without impacting traditional operation of the vehicles; Primordial Ground Guidance software that helps plan fast and concealed routes on- and off-road for dismounted and mounted soldiers as well as KLIM technical riding gear made to protect operators from extreme weather as well as f lames and abrasions. And through its GEM brand of electric vehicles, Polaris provides a Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) for on-road use. Across all its product lines, Polaris uses robust commercial off-the-shelf components to provide faster speed to market, intuitive operation and easier maintenance worldwide. Industry Partner: Polaris Defense Polaris Defense Vehicle Highlights MV850 - Fielding began in 2011 - 74 HP Engine - 600lb Rack Capacity - 1,500lb Towing Capacity - 11.75 gal fuel capacity for long distance travel MRZR 2 & MRZR 4 - Fielding began in 2013 - 88 HP Engine - Tool-free collapsible ROPS - MRZR 4: 1,500 lb / 680.4 kg payload - MRZR 2: 1,000 lb / 453.6 kg payload - Air drop certified - Optional rear seats - 2, 4 or 6 person capacity, depending on configuration - Fits 2 litters longitudinally DAGOR - Fielding began in 2015 - 3 to 9 Passenger capacity - 3,250lb / 1,474 kg payload - 500 mile range - Turbo diesel/JP8 engine - Heavy weapons capable - Internally transportable CH-47(2) - Sling-load certified UH-60(HH) - Airdrop certified C-130, C-17 Lead Art: Polaris Defense provides the U.S. and its allies with a family of ultra- light, off-road vehicles with passenger capacity from a single-rider to a 9-person infantry squad. These include the MV850, MRZR 2 and MRZR 4, and DAGOR.

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