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MAY 2016

Military magazines in the United States and Canada, covering Armor and Mobility, focuses on tactical vehicles, C4ISR, Special Operations Forces, latest soldier equipment, shelters, and key DoD programs

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Page 29 of 35 28 | May 2016 | Armor & Mobility | Unmanned Tech Solutions T he U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Program Executive Office for Fixed Wing (PEO-FW) is tasked to deliver Special Operations (SO)-peculiar manned and unmanned fixed wing airpower capabilities to effectively enable Special Operations Forces (SOF). The PEO effectively executed over $1 billion in FY-15 to develop, deliver, and sustain a portfolio of fixed wing Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), strike, and mobility weapons systems in direct support SOF operations worldwide. To meet this critical mission, PEO-FW partners with the SOF operator, development program offices, and support organizations to synchronize acquisition, fielding, and sustainment of an array of advanced technolog y sensors, defensive countermeasures, advanced avionics and mission training systems. Director, Unmanned Aircraft Systems SOF operators are continually conducting actions across the globe in austere, challenging environments and have a high demand for unmanned systems to provide them the intelligence they need to perform their mission. The Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) team is responsible to develop, procure, test and deliver capability that meets these unique SOF requirements. The UAS program team manages a wide range of platforms and also develops unique SOF subsystems that are integrated into these platforms. While the majority of systems are government owned and operated, Program Manager (PM) UAS also manages efforts with systems operated by contractors. Special Applications for Contingencies: Delivering Critical Information Unmanned Aircraft Systems range from the small hand- launched aircraft to large remotely piloted aircraft and carry sensors providing real-time ISR capabilities for many different requirements. Special Applications For Contingencies (SAFC) provides the ability to rapidly develop capabilities that directly support these UAS platforms. This year, the team successfully developed a tagging, tracking and locating device that has transitioned into the Hostile Forces Tagging, Tracking and Locating portfolio. SAFC also integrated and is testing an electronic warfare payload onto a Scan Eagle that will ultimately be integrated onto medium endurance UAS platforms deployed as a government-furnished payload. MTUAS/MEUAS/SUAS: Bringing Intel to the Tactical Edge The Multi-Mission Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System (MTUAS) is a new FY-16 program, providing the Nav y Special Warfare community with an organic, line-of-sight ISR platform and sensor suite. The MTUAS platform will be a SOF Multi-Mission Tactical Air By PEO-FW Public Affairs KEEPING SOF AIR CAPABILITIES AT THE TIP OF THE SPEAR A missile is fred at a demonstration for Special Operations Forces. (USSOCOM)

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