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MAY 2016

Military magazines in the United States and Canada, covering Armor and Mobility, focuses on tactical vehicles, C4ISR, Special Operations Forces, latest soldier equipment, shelters, and key DoD programs

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Page 3 of 35 2 | May 2016 | Armor & Mobility | Unmanned Tech Solutions A s the west intensifies its efforts in the fight against global terrorism, it's worth noting the many innovations are taking place in the nation's military weapons arsenal, from conventional to special operations forces applications. Technological advances, both in manned and unmanned systems, which would have been unimaginable a decade ago, have allowed the U.S. to once again demonstrate that it remains the leader in sophisticated capabilities necessary to combat threats to the security of national and western interests worldwide. The May Special Forces issue of Unmanned Tech Solutions and Armor & Mobility features an exclusive interview with James Smith, Deputy Director, Special Operations Research, Development and Acquisition Center, U.S. Special Operations Command, focusing on U.S. Special Operations Command collaborative efforts to meet and exceed critical capability requirements, while a spotlighted SOF Roundtable addresses current and forward-looking initiatives at SOCOM's Service component commands operating daily in extremely adverse environments around the globe. In a look at present day training efforts, this issue offers a perspective from the U.S. Army's Special Warfare Center and School, Ft. Bragg, and the demanding world of specialized operator transformation which encompasses a holistic approach to preparing the operator for both mental and physical challenges. In a key industry partner feature, we take a look at ultra-light, off-road vehicles, showing that, as missions and technology evolve, it is integral to be a step ahead of the curve and to maximize interoperability. Unmanned Tech Solutions contains several features devoted to advances in unmanned technology. One in particular looks at UAV detection as it grows in a variety of areas. In an exclusive interview with the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center Commander RDML Lorin Selby, we examine procurement efforts of unmanned systems and their marriage to Navy Special Forces and what is being done to optimize efficiency. In a similar vein, an interview with RADM Robert Girrier, Director of the Navy's N99 Unmanned Weapons Systems Directorate, sheds light on efforts to speed up prototype capabilities and fielding of advanced technologies across the Navy and Joint DoD. As always, feel free to reach out with comments and suggestions, enjoy! Sincerely, Insights Unmanned Tech Solutions ISSN: 2330-2070 | Digital ISN: 2330-2089 Armor & Mobility ISSN: 2151-190x is published by Tactical Defense Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without permission is strictly forbidden. ©2016 Tactical Defense Media publications are free to members of the U.S. military, employees of the U.S. government, non-U.S. foreign service based in the U.S. and defense contractors. All TDM publications are sent electronically to international readers. Mailing Address Tactical Defense Media, Inc. PO Box 12115 Silver Spring, MD 20908-0115 USA Telephone: (301) 974-9792 Fax: (443) 637-3714 complimentary subscription | Scan the code to sign up now! DOUBLE ISSUE Kevin Hunter Editor Armor & Mobility Scott Sharon Editor Unmanned Tech Solutions Christian Sheehy Managing Editor Tactical Defense Media Sonia Bagherian Publisher Tactical Defense Media Cathy Kieserman Office Administrator Tactical Defense Media Ellie Collins Circulation Coordinator Tactical Defense Media Tactical Defense Media Publications Proud Members

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