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MAY 2016

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Page 30 of 35 Unmanned Tech Solutions | Armor & Mobility | May 2016 | 29 multi-intelligence platform available for tactical commanders, thereby reducing many unit's dependence on theater level assets that are high-demand, low-density in nature. The Mid Endurance Unmanned Aircraft System (MEUAS) program contracts for operators and maintainers to f ly the catapult-launched and line-captured Scan Eagle or net- captured Aerosonde aircraft, which provide intermediate range ISR. The systems are runway independent with interchangeable payloads. The payloads are interoperable within the current SOF architecture and include signals intelligence, EW, communications relay and electro-optical/infrared payloads. The Small Unmanned Aircraft System (SUAS) program utilizes the RQ-20A PUMA All Environment. It is a hand- launched system that is controlled by ground forces, providing local real-time reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition capabilities. The program has successfully transitioned electronic warfare payloads that have proven to be a significant contributor to deployed operators. Procurement of these systems is through Defense Logistics Agency contracts. MALET Program: A Rapid Acquisition Success Story Medium Altitude Long Endurance Tactical (MALET) is a USSOCOM Acquisition Category III Program to modif y USASOC MQ-1C "Gray Eagle" and AFSOC MQ-9 "Reaper" aircraft with SOF-unique capabilities. Presently, MALET is executing 26 modification projects, covering both the aircraft and associated ground control stations. Agile acquisition processes and innovative operational fielding procedures identified during the "Lead-Off Hitter" Combat Evaluation (March 2013-October 2014), has specifically led to the fielding of game changing capabilities such as: signals intelligence payloads, high definition/full motion video upgrades, operational f light program updates, low collateral/highly lethal munitions and comprehensive training devices. MALET's verified processes and procedures were the catalyst to rapidly field five Joint Urgent Operational Need Statements. Director, Manned Aircraft Systems As with the UAS mission, SOF operators also have a high demand for manned systems to support intelligence needs for SOF missions. The Manned Aircraft System Team supports the U-28 and MC-12 aircraft and associated systems, to provide the SOF warfighter with high-definition imagery, state-of- the-art communication and intelligence capabilities, and data to execute SOF operations. PEO-FW is now leading a study to identif y capability gaps for a next generation manned ISR platform to meet post-Afghanistan manned ISR requirements. U-28A: The Task Force's Eyes and Ears In response to an escalating need for tactical and strategic ISR, PEO-FW procured the Pilatus PC-12 aircraft for its versatile performance and ability to operate from short and unimproved runway surfaces. The command then modified these aircraft with a suite of military communications and ISR sensor equipment, and subsequently fielded as U-28A aircraft. There are currently 36 U-28 aircraft in the AFSOC inventory, with 14 aircraft deployed at multiple world-wide locations. MC-12: Reliable Workhorse USSOCOM received 13 MC-12 aircraft from the Air Force and assigned them to Ok lahoma City Air National Guard in 2015. These 13 MC-12 aircraft were expeditiously modified and fielded with a special operations-peculiar communication and sensor suite, and will begin to support SOF objectives SOF Multi-Mission Tactical Air

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