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MAY 2016

Military magazines in the United States and Canada, covering Armor and Mobility, focuses on tactical vehicles, C4ISR, Special Operations Forces, latest soldier equipment, shelters, and key DoD programs

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Page 31 of 35 30 | May 2016 | Armor & Mobility | Unmanned Tech Solutions for overseas contingency operations. These aircraft provided critical, manned, persistent ISR capabilities for SOF operations. Nine aircraft support a training mission in the continental U.S. and two to four assets are continuously deployed for operations. Director, Integrated Strike Program The Integrated Strike Program (ISP) team develops, integrates, fields, and sustains strike capabilities across the AC-130J, AC-130W, and Standoff Precision Guided Munitions (SOPGM) programs. These programs provide the SOF warfighter precision strike capabilities to execute operations. In addition to current capabilities, the team is continually looking at future technologies to meet critical warfighter needs. The ISP team is directly supported by Detachment 1 at Eglin AFB FL. Gunship Programs: The Cornerstone of Strike The AC-130W Stinger II program is responsible for the integration of the 105mm Large Caliber Gun (LCG). LCG developmental test is currently underway and modification of four aircraft has been completed – this in parallel to the f leet continuing to support vital, real world operations. The AC-130J Ghostrider program has also seen significant success in the last year, including the completion of Block 10 developmental and operational testing, standup of a new production facility, delivery of one modified aircraft, and initiation of Block 20 modifications. Precision Munitions: A Critical Targeting Capability PEO-FW procures and integrates SOPGM variants for use on the AC-130W Stinger II, AC-130J Ghostrider, and other aircraft. The SOPGM provides a small, lightweight precision guided weapon for irregular warfare. The Griffin missile is a SOPGM that utilizes a common launch tube and government- developed software. The Griffin is procured as a commodity product. The team has had many recent successes to include fielding an upgraded Griffin Block III missile, which provides increased seeker sensitivity. The Small Glide Munition CR ADA successfully completed in 2015 with three-for-three shots against static and moving targets. The team also completed improvements to the Laser SDB to provide capability against fast, maneuvering targets. Director, SOF 130s, CV-22 and Mission Systems The SOF C-130, CV-22 and Mission Systems team manages numerous sustainment, modification and modernization programs, including advanced avionics, defensive countermeasures, terrain following radar and airborne mission networking to ensure SOF fixed-wing aircraft can successfully accomplish assigned missions in likely threat environments and address supportability challenges of an aging legacy f leet. The team also provides SOF Operators with the Special Operations Mission Planning Environment (SOMPE), a computer-based suite of software products to address USSOCOM air, ground and maritime operator mission planning gaps. C-130s: Backbone of the SOF Fixed Wing Fleet PEO-FW continues to face the mounting challenges of sustaining the low-density, high-demand legacy SOF C-130 f leet, while simultaneously satisf ying roadmaps for modernization. The legacy C-130 team manages numerous SOF C-130 sustainment, modification, and modernization programs. USSOCOM, in conjunction with the U.S. Air Force, is procuring 57 new MC-130J aircraft through a joint program with Air Combat Command 's combat search and rescue community, to recapitalize the aging MC-130E/H/P tanker f leet. Modified MC-130J aircraft will perform clandestine or low-visibility, single or multi-ship, low-level missions intruding politically sensitive or hostile territories to provide infiltration/exfiltration and resupply of SOF teams and air refueling for special operations helicopters and CV-22 aircraft. CV-22 Osprey: SOF's Long-Range Insertion Platform The CV-22 fulfills the requirement for high-speed, long- range insertion and extraction of SOF in hostile or denied territory in a single period of darkness. The range, altitude and speed of the CV-22 provides f lexibility, unpredictability and less dependency on staging bases or refueling assets. As a result, the CV-22 can self-deploy worldwide to satisf y current combat operations and higher authority tasking. The unique characteristic of the CV-22 is its ability to take off and land like a helicopter; however, once airborne, its engine nacelles tilt to convert the aircraft into a high-speed, high-altitude turboprop airplane. The CV-22 is tailored for special operations missions through an enhanced electronic warfare suite, specifically the SOF Multi-Mission Tactical Air An unmanned aerial vehicle fies overheard during an exercise for PEO FW. (USSOCOM)

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