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SEP-OCT 2016

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HEALTHWISE Just as medical personnel need the highest-quality equipment in the field, this section features innovative devices that can dictate the difference between combat-ready health and in some cases life and death. The new NOMAD MD The new NOMAD MD is revolutionizing the way radiographs are taken during combat and humanitarian missions. It is designed primarily for extremities like hands, feet, ankles, thighs, arms, wrists and knees. Practitioners can now stay with their patients while taking radio- graphs wirelessly. This means that critical care and diagnosis can be achieved earlier than ever before. Humanitarian missions can now have x-ray capability in areas that previously were not possible. The NOMAD MD is lightweight, handheld, fully shielded, rechargeable, efficient and versatile. This new device is great for the U.S. Armed Forces, mobile healthcare provid- ers, disaster-relief and emergency medicine. Morgan Lens The Morgan Lens is the only "hands-free" method of emergency eye irrigation available. Ocular chemical burns may be quickly and eas- ily treated, and non-embedded foreign bodies removed, with this simple device invented by an ophthalmologist. Using the Morgan Lens, medical personnel may treat other patients or injuries while simul- taneously irrigating all regions of the eye. Acids, bases, solvents, cleaning solutions, biological or radiological agents, and small particulates are among the many contaminants that are quickly removed. No other method frees medical personnel, and nothing else allows continuous irrigation while the patient is being transported. Since the eyes may be closed, the patient rests more comfortably, allowing irrigation to be con- tinued for hours if needed for proper treatment. Bilateral irrigation is simple using two Morgan Lenses. Requiring minimal training, the Morgan Lens is ideal for use in the hospital or in the field. After attaching the lens to the Morgan Lens Delivery Set (or I.V. tubing) and a bag of irrigating solu- tion, it's slipped under the eyelids, and in less than 20 seconds the most efficient treatment possible is underway. Fast, effective, and easy to use means the Morgan Lens is the perfect option for treating injured eyes in all situations. Russell PneumoFix™ The Russell PneumoFix™ is a sterile chest decompression device designed for the man- agement of tension pneumothorax, simple pneumothorax and pleural effusion. Designed by practicing clinicians who understand the limitations of conventional equipment, the Russell PneumoFix™ has the following features: • For medical professionals, use of the Russell PneumoFix™ is quick, simple and intuitive. • Unlike the intravenous cannula, used his- torically in an improvised way for the man- agement of tension pneumothorax, the Russell PneumoFix™ is designed specifi- cally for this purpose. • The Russell PneumoFix™ has been designed to be inserted without the need for a scalpel or skin incision. • The device incorporates a Veress-tipped needle to minimize risk of injury to lung tis- sue. • 11cm long catheter – long enough to reach the pleural cavity of the vast majority of patients. • Low pressure one-way valve – to allow air and fluid out but nothing in. • Graduated markings and X-ray detectable catheter – for depth recording and accurate localization at hospital. • 12-Gauge catheter– allows for rapid venting of air in tension pneumothorax • Material chosen which minimizes the risk of kinking of the catheter. H&H MEDICAL H&H Medical's breakthrough ClearCool ™ ster- ile hydrogel dressing builds on H&H's long experi- ence in medical hydrogels to develop a novel wound dressing for acute and extended field care that protects the wound, provides a cooling analgesic effect, but leaves no residue. ClearCool' ™ transparency allows for frequent wound checks without disturbing existing dressings. ClearCool ™ provides the benefits of a wet hydrogel dressing, with a dry sterile dressing system. ClearCool™ hydrogel is a very effective medium for the instan- taneous quenching of burning white phosphorus. Part No. HHCC01. Available from 28 | Armor & Mobility | 2016 Annual Warfighters Tactical Gear Guide 2016 ANNUAL WARFIGHTERS TACTICAL GEAR GUIDE

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