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SEP-OCT 2016

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IRIS TECHNOLOGY Merlin-3™ Radio Power Adapter—Enabling communications where you need it, when you need it. No excuses. The Merlin-3™ RPA is an alternate power source for AN/PRC-117G radio systems. It receives input from a variety of AC and DC power sources to power the radio system. It serves as a UPS, providing efficient battery charging for the BX-XX90 battery contained within the battery box. The hot-swap feature allows battery change-out without radio inter- ruption or crypto-fill loss. The Merlin-3™ RPA can also export significant power to run lap- tops, speakers and other ancillary equipment. It configures automatically, requiring no controls and LED indicators display the status of input/ output power availability, radio power, and bat- tery health. Peak Power Tracking algorithms efficiently manage energy from solar panels to support the radio, DC output, and charge the battery. More robust EMI/EMC reduction measures ensure clear communications when it matters most. Compact, rugged, and quiet, the Merlin-3™ RPA allows the radio to be used in all envi- ronmental conditions without compromising signal integrity. C-AT The Communications-Applied Technology ICRI-2PMTM (NSN 5820-01-564-4593) tacti- cal interoperability gateway has now been integrated with the Perkins Technical Services vehicle-mount power supply/radio docking sta- tion to expand the functionality of tactical mili- tary radios (i.e.: PRC-117G, PRC-150, PRC-152, PSC-5, RT-1523). The integration of the ICRI permits an RTO to rapidly "bridge" the radios in the docking station, to function as an LOS-to-BLOS repeater even when the radios are operating with otherwise incompatible waveforms, frequency bands, or encryption keys. The PTSTM AC/DC docking station supplies power to these and other dismounted mobile radios. The "bridge" can be remotely enabled/ disabled from the keypad of a "remote" radio (option). A JTOC commander, situated at the ICRI/ PSDS, can select, by a switch, to establish a private voice link with either radio connected to the ICRI/PSDS (option). B.E. Meyers The MAWL™-DA laser from B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc. is a full-featured infrared and visible green aiming laser for use with individual carbines. MAWL-DA offers improved ergonomics, interface, and performance over the legacy laser aiming devices on the market and was designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the modern warfighter. To address the common use of space as well as the ergonomics shortcomings of lasers on shorter carbines like the SOCOM Mk18, MAWL-DA laser mounts offset from the rail to minimize the impact on hand positioning and field-of-view. MAWL-DA eliminates granular illuminator adjustments and complex multi- position switches, instead consolidating these choices into three distinct settings: Close- Range, Mid-Range, and Long-Range, with power and beam divergences appropriate for each setting while providing a significantly improved beam pattern and quality at all ranges compared to current solutions on the market. MAWL-DA is also a modular system: the body, tail cap, and head are separate interchangeable components that allow for ambidexterity, expansion, and mounting as the user sees fit. The MAWL-DA laser is now available to verified military and law- enforcement agencies. Interested parties can visit or email us for more information at The SRV X810TM The SRV X810TM is the new pulse of X-Ray identification for EOD and Bomb Squads. The rugged SmartRayVision system is available in several wired / wireless connectivity configura- tions. The system has fast image capture and is equipped for long exposure with capabilities for multiple volleys of high or low pulse count to achieve an extremely high image resolution of 6.5 lp/mm. SmartRayVision HD X-Ray systems are sold in different sizes: 8x10, 10x12, and 14x17 with multiple configurations. The controller is a solid state tablet with 2.4-5GHz remote WiFi Generator. Utilizing the touch - zoom function of the tablet, the opera- tor can zoom in for extreme detail as well as brightness and contrast control for better analysis of the suspected target. Simply plug in a COTS network cable and become auto- matically wired. Unplug the network cable and automatically go wireless. The SmartRayVision software also comes complete with an Auto-Stitch function to seam- lessly stitch multiple X-Ray images perfectly into one image. Federal Resources can inte- grate the SRV X810 or the other sizes into a custom integrated foam kit inside a rugged waterproof case for easy access and storage of the system. 34 | Armor & Mobility | 2016 Annual Warfighters Tactical Gear Guide 2016 ANNUAL WARFIGHTERS TACTICAL GEAR GUIDE

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