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FEB 2017

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A&M: How is DLA working to partner with industry to broaden and strengthen capability implementation efforts? Lt. Gen. Busch: There is DoD guidance regarding industry engagements. I am committed to partnering with industry, not just because of the guidance, but because it makes smart business sense. And this partnership is not only with industry, but also includes the services that we support. DLA has an active industrial capability program in each of our supply chains that assesses where we have industrial capability and capacity risk. We work with industry to help develop the best mitiga- tion plans to reduce the risk. We usually do this through a special industrial study that performs a root cause analysis of the issue. These studies and mitigation actions are completed through the DLA Warstopper Program. This is our industrial readiness investment program. We look for cases where DoD has a readiness requirement that industry does not have a business case to invest in. Pending a valid business case, we invest in measures to ensure the capability or the surge capacity. We do this in a variety of ways, such as funding the fixed costs of a plant to reduce the vendor's risk to stay in business or by pre-posi- tioning long lead time materials or components to prepare for a surge. It's important to note that the services have the responsibility to field weapons systems and DLA's role with industry is during the sustainment phase of the life cycle. During sustainment we are not so much trying to broaden capability implementation as we are trying to maintain essential capability and ensure capacity for a wartime surge. A&M: Speak to any other challenges DLA is addressing going forward. Lt. Gen. Busch: We must prepare for leaner times for the next 15 years. Not as much money doesn't mean fewer requirements and we must be ready to meet this challenge. We're all facing staff reductions, aging weapons systems and a demand signal for weapons systems that hasn't diminished in 15 years. Our resource situation has caused us to do things differently. I continue to see opportunities where we have to be innovative. I am reminded of the Winston Churchill quote: "Gentlemen, we are out of money; now we have to think." And that's what we continue to do at DLA; we think of ways to be innovative so we can continue to provide world-class supply, support and logistics services for the DoD and our interagency partners. More info: COMPLIMENTARY SUBSCRIPTION | scan the code to sign up now! Make plans to attend Sea-Air-Space 2017 along with thousands of other senior leaders from the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, Marines and Maritime Administration, 15 international delegations and over 400 international attendees. The Most Important Maritime Event in the U.S. Attendance is Free to military, government and other qualified individuals; visit for details. April 3-5, 2017 Gaylord National Convention Center, National Harbor, MD USA DIRECTOR'S CORNER Armor & Mobility | February 2017 | 9

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