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FEB 2017

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The JSB study was driven by remarks made by CSA GEN Mark Milley at the October 2015 AUSA meeting held in Washington DC. He stated that the Army / TRADOC was targeting specialized training for units deploying to areas where this was a prevalent threat. Three months of research followed and HW was defined as a consortium of adversaries battling U.S. and partner forces across multiple battle spaces, some yet to be encountered. This was based on a review of more than 400 open source documents, articles and studies. The orange circles on the Conflict Areas map provide locations of HW activities that took place in the 2015-2016 timeframe. New and renewed basing agreements identified by the green circles are an output of strategic activities undertaken to mitigate primarily state adversaries. These link to the 2012 Sustaining Global Leadership Priorities for the 21st Century policy. Of note are renewed and new base agreements in the Philippines that include the former Subic Bay Naval facility and Clark Air Force Base as well a multiple new sites. The U.S. has also set up rotational training agreements with Pacific Rim partners and recently presented plans to NATO to rotate special brigades through six former Soviet Bloc members. U.S. tanks, trucks and other military equipment arrived by ship in Germany on January 8, 2017. GEN Mark Milley HYBRID WARFARE EXPEDITIONARY BASING AND The Joint Standardization Board (JSB) for Tactical Shelters and Expeditionary Basing Systems initiated a study on Hybrid Warfare (HW) in November 2015 with the goal to determine if expeditionary basing activities would be impacted by this new threat. By Frank Kostka, Joint Standardization Board for Tactical Shelters and Expeditionary Basing Systems 300 Million lbs of supplies were delivered to remote base camps by cargo airdrop due to area denial (JOCOTAS). Armor & Mobility | February 2017 | 19

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