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operation of the radios; or cables must be run from a generator to the vehicle to power the radios. • Running the tactical radios in a manpack mode using batteries installed in the radios. This requires the periodic changing of the radios batteries. • Installing the heavy OE-254/GRC antenna which requires two personnel. The OE-254/GRC was first fielded in 1991. Due to recent innovations, antenna options that are lighter and easier to install are available. • Generators are used to power tactical radios in the CP. The Soldier must also use a DC Power Supply which is connected between the generator and the tactical radio. Use of a generator and heavy DC Power Supplies adds to the complexity of installing radios in a CP. SOLDIERS RESPONSE TO INSTALLING TACTICAL RADIOS IN CPS The voice of the Soldier has been consistent in the description of the problem. In response to the complexity of installing tactical radios in CPs, Soldiers have purchased over 7000 Perkins Technical Services, Inc. (PTS) tactical radio Power Supply Docking Stations (PSDS). The PTS PSDS supports the installation of SINCGARS ASIP (VHF), PRC- 117F/G (VHF/UHF), PRC-152 (VHF/UHF), PRC- 150 (HF) and PSC-5 (SATCOM) tactical radios in CPs. The photo shows Soldiers using the dual SINCGARS ASIP PSDS in a CP. PTS PSDS enables the quick and easy installation of tactical radios. Troops are sending a clear message they have found a more efficient solution to setting up tactical radios in CPs by the quantity of PTS PSDS they have purchased. EXPEDITIONARY PROBLEM SOLUTION PTS teamed with other small businesses and assembled a tactical radio Expeditionary Kit (E-Kit™) to offer an integrated solution for installing tactical radios in CPs in response to Soldier needs. The standard components of the E-Kit™ include: • Tactical Radio Power Supply Docking Station (PSDS) • Portable Power System that uses BB-2590(U) Rechargeable Batteries • Solar Blanket(s) used to charge the power source • UHF / VHF Integrated Mast / Antenna • Integrated Radio Cross-Bander TESTIMONIALS BY SOLDIERS WHO VALIDATE THE E-KIT™ • We first received the PSDS in 2006. Since then they have been an invaluable part of our TOC operations. No longer do we have to "rig" a vehicle VAA to a 24V DC Converter to run communications. • Running TOC communications off a bench-mounted VAA was very awkward and inefficient. It required a tremendous amount of bench space. It was loud, and produced a significant amount of heat. In addition, the 110/24V converter was very loud and took up more space. • Once we received the PTS PSDS, we eliminated the need for the 110/24V Converters, bulky VAA's and the myriad of twisted cabling that was required to operate the system. Additionally, the PTS PSDS are "stackable" thus, allowing us to free up bench space. • The PTS PSDS also has an internal speaker. This eliminated the need for additional cables and external speakers. The system is lightweight, rugged and very easy to install. You simply plug your SINCGARS into the PSDS and turn on the switch. We have operated these base stations in nearly every climate imaginable and have had no problems with performance. Their reliability alone makes them worth their weight in gold. • Our satisfaction with these systems has been so great that we hope to upgrade to the newer systems that provide more capability. The newer systems are capable of holding two radios with power Amps. This allows us to operate a SINCGARS ASIP 92F Configuration using very minimal space while achieving maximum power output with unparalleled reliability. • The new PSDS models also can run off of 18-32 DC backup. In other words, all we must do is hook a DC power source and we have an instant Uninterruptable Power Supply should we somehow lose AC power. It's a brilliant design. 25TH INFANTRY DIVISION STATEMENT ON USE OF E-KIT™ "Expeditionary operations in the Pacific required Soldiers to deploy command post capabilities via commercial airlines and echelon command posts from hotel rooms to field sites. Modular systems that could run from multiple power sources, pack as luggage and were simple to operate are required. PTS radio PSDSs were ideal for these kinds of operations." LTC Joe Pishock 25ID G6 2014- 2016 POTENTIAL PATH FORWARD As the Army moves forward with Command Post Redesign, consideration needs to be given to integrating technology similar to the E-Kit™ into CPs. Articles written thus far on Command Post Redesign focus on intelligent computing but there has been no discussion on the installation and operation of tactical radios. The Command Post Redesign benefits from the agility and modularity the E-Kit™ provides. There is an exponential benefit to be gained by the Military implementing this innovative technology enhancement. Front View of PSDS w/ Dual SINCGARS ASIP RT-1523 Radios and RFPAs. BIOGRAPHY LTC(R) Anthony (Tony) Tabler, Perkins Technical Services, Inc. (PTS),, Director of Strategic Initiatives, retired from the Army in 2001 as a Signal / Acquisition Officer. Tony then worked as a Senior Business Development Manager in the tactical communications field for ITT Defense and Harris Corporation. Tony earned a Bachelor of Science degree from West Point in 1979 and a Masters of Electrical Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology in 1987. INDUSTRY PARTNER PTS, INC. Armor & Mobility | March/April 2017 | 21

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