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May/ June 2017

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NEXT-LEVEL VERTICAL LIFT The MH-47G program has two critical and concurrent efforts that will maintain U.S. Special Operations Command's heavy-assault rotary wing lift capability. These two main efforts are the Block 2.3 upgrade and the Renew programs. The Block 2.3 upgrade program procures, integrates, and installs new and improved capabilities including electrical systems improvements and improved operator seats. This upgrade also restores payload by optimizing the currently fielded airframe and mission equipment. The Renew program, in close collaboration with the U.S. Army's CH-47F Block II effort, replaces our MH-47G legacy airframes with newly built machined airframes incorporating emerging technologies to maintain readiness and sustain the heavy-assault rotary wing capability for the next 20-30 years. The first Renew aircraft are projected for delivery in FY20. Program Executive Office Rotary Wing (PEO RW) is presently supporting two important MH-47 programs involving improved communications and navigation: Mission Processor Upgrades and Airborne Mission Networking,. The Mission Processor Upgrades program replaces older avionics and improves software to keep pace with evolving Global Air Traffic Management requirements and SOF mission requirements; and addresses component obsolescence. The Airborne Mission Networking program provides supported operators and aircrews with the ability to send and receive mission critical data to tactical and operational nodes in the battlespace. "We continue to look at smaller, lighter and more reliable communication systems that provide greater capability to maintain our comparative advantage in the current and future combat environment," said Mr. Donald (Don) Reedy, Deputy PEO, Program Executive Office Rotary Wing (PEO RW), HQ U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). TACKLING ADVERSE CONDITION CHALLENGES "We have several on-going programs that will enhance aircraft Mr. Don Reedy Dep. PEO, PEO RW U.S. SOCOM is putting emphasis on efforts to complete modifications to its proven next-generation rotary wing workhorse. By Christian Sheehy, A&M Managing Editor An MH-47 Chinook in flight (USSOCOM) NEXT-GEN ROTARY WING MH-47G CHINOOK 16 | Armor & Mobility | May/June 2017

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