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May/ June 2017

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survivability, avionics, navigation, and sensors systems," remarked Reedy. Two of these programs are the Degraded Visual Environment (DVE) and Silent Knight Radar (SKR) programs. The DVE program fuses information from aircraft sensors with terrain elevation data to display real-time reference points, obstacles, and landing zone information to the aviator for safe and reliable situational awareness all the way to the ground. "The DVE solution will provide MH-47 and MH-60 aircrews with visual cues for obstacle avoidance during all phases of flight and significantly increase crew and passenger survivability, "noted Mr. Donald (Don) Reedy, Deputy PEO, PEO RW, HQ U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). "The DVE program is currently in the development and qualification phase with production starting in FY18. "The SKR program provides SOF with common Terrain Following / Terrain Avoidance radar," added Reedy. The SKR program is scheduled to finish flight test and qualification this year with full rate production planned in FY18. PROTECTION LEVEL In terms of protection packaging, the MH-47G benefits from a fielded, advanced lightweight armor protection system. "The Aircraft Occupant Ballistic Protection System meets current protection requirements," remarked Reedy. "However, we are always looking at ways we can reduce weight while maintaining the same level of protection with emerging technologies. INTEGRATION AND SUSTAINMENT The MH-47G Renew program, in collaboration with the Army's CH-47F Block II effort, will replace the majority of MH-47G legacy airframes with newly built machined airframes incorporating emerging technologies to maintain mission effectiveness. These new machined airframes will yield lower sustainment costs versus the aging legacy sheet metal airframes. "Along with lower costs, we anticipate reduced aircraft maintenance repair time and project higher operational availability rates for the Renewed MH-47G fleet," added Reedy. CHALLENGES MOVING FORWARD "Currently, our greatest challenge is starting the Renew program this fiscal year (FY17) without an approved President's Budget (PB)," noted Reedy. "The MH-47G Renew program is a new start program, and under a government continued resolution (CR), we are not able to initiate this effort or obligate funds without an approved FY17 PB. Any further delay past the current CR could potentially delay initial aircraft deliveries scheduled to start in FY20." COMPLIMENTARY SUBSCRIPTION | scan the code to sign up now! DELIVERING INNOVATION TO OUR NATIONAL DEFENSE Join global innovation, business and defense leadership as they accelerate state-of-art technology solutions in support of national security and the warfi ghter. HOW TO PARTICIPATE: > Submit your Abstract and Panel Proposals by June 9th > Submit your technology for review by military and industry leadership. Innovation submissions are due June 29th. To receive a 10% off discount to attend, use code: 17TDM20 2017 OCT. 3-5 • TAMPA, FLORIDA DEFENSEINNOVATION.US ENERGY • CYBER • MEDICAL • SYSTEMS • SPACE June 19-22, 2017 Marriott Marquis, San Franciso, CA 17 th Annual advanced automotive battery conference /us NEXT-GEN ROTARY WING MH-47G CHINOOK Armor & Mobility | May/June 2017 | 17

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