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May/ June 2017

Military magazines in the United States and Canada, covering Armor and Mobility, focuses on tactical vehicles, C4ISR, Special Operations Forces, latest soldier equipment, shelters, and key DoD programs

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A&M: What are some key focus areas that ARSOAC is addressing in regards to unit readiness? BG Evans: Our focus is people. After 16 years of sustained combat against Violent Extremist Organizations (VEOs) around the world, readiness has never been more important or more tenuous than it is at present. Fiscal uncertainty threatens our ability to sustain OPTEMPO and prepare for the next fight. Like the rest of the Army, we must be ready to meet nation state and transnational threats in an increasingly dangerous security environment. The cornerstone of our unit readiness begins with Soldiers who are specially recruited, assessed, selected, trained and equipped. We invest heavily in the training of our force to promote resiliency and expertise with partner forces around the world. By our very nature we are low density but experience high demand from the Global Combatant Commanders. ARSOAC Soldiers receive extensive individual and collective training prior to assuming their duties. Our aircrew members in some instances train for over a year before they are qualified to support the world's most elite special Sked ® Complete Rescue System * A litter for evacuating wounded soldiers. * A carrier for dragging equipment (mortar rounds, ammo, etc.) * Also used for breaching concertina wire Tel: 1-800-770-SKED (7533) Scan for more I n f o r m a t i o n Skedco Inc. Est. 1981 Made in USA to save our troops wherever they are. The Sked does multiple duties: Missiles are fired from a UH-60 Blackhawk during a training exercise. Training is conducted to ensure the proficiency and precision of pilots during operations. (U.S. Army photo) LEADERSHIP PERSPECTIVE Armor & Mobility | May/June 2017 | 7

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