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AUG 2017

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It takes more than steel, advanced electronics and engine thrust to make the F-35 the world's greatest stealth fighter – it requires a comprehensive sustainment system that's a lynchpin for readiness. The Autonomic Logistics Information System (ALIS) is the IT backbone for the F-35, enabling Warfighters across the U.S. and allied military services to sustain the fleet. Composed of more than 9 million lines of code, ALIS is now delivering resource management and networking capabilities that were conceptualized long ago – allowing warfighters across the global fleet to maintain the F-35 tip-to-tail while fully modernizing the logistics process. Pilots plan and debrief missions, and sustainment professionals maintain the F-35 using ALIS. Providing an integrated interface to maintenance, supply chain and sustainment information, ALIS is the single management tool supporting all F-35 operations. ALIS integrates a broad range of capabilities including operations, maintenance, prognostics, supply chain, support services, training and technical data. ALIS is a secure information environment for the F-35, transmitting aircraft health and maintenance information to the warfighter, enabling warfighters to make strategic decisions to keep the fleet healthy. The F-35 is the first tactical aviation system to have sustainment tools engineered in concert with the aircraft for efficiency and cost effectiveness. Initially fielded in 2009, ALIS is maturing alongside the F-35 aircraft. ALIS 2.0.1 included a deployable hardware suite to support operations on carriers, amphibious craft and at austere locations. ALIS 2.0.1 supported the U.S. Marine Corps Initial Operating Capability in summer 2015. ALIS supports mission preparation, maintenance tasks and fleet management. Core capabilities are: • Mission planning and debrief from an off-board mission systems (OMS) environment • Fault diagnostics and maintenance work order processing • Supply chain management • Aircraft configuration management • Pilot and maintainer training management TRANSFORMING NEXT-GENERATION LOGISTICS The latest iteration of the F-35's IT backbone enables holistic maintenance and predictive resource planning. F-35 Program Lockheed Martin AUTONOMIC LOGISTICS INFORMATION SYSTEM 10 | Armor & Mobility | August 2017

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