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AUG 2017

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EVOLUTION IN FUELING TO MEET FORCE NEED Armor & Mobility spoke recently with Lt. Col. Vince Zabala, Fuel Efficiency Program Manager, U.S. Air Mobility Command (AMC), regarding current Air Force challenges and initiatives relating to overall and platform-specific operational fuel usage and ways the Service is maximizing availability while minimizing cost. A&M: As the Air Force and DoD's primary user of transportation fuel, what are some of Air Mobility Command's key efforts in bringing Air Force fuel efficiency forward? Lt. Col. Zabala: Energy costs for the Air Force are upward of $8 billion, with about 86 percent of that cost spent on aviation fuel. Air Mobility Command (AMC) consumes the majority of that fuel bill, approximately 56 percent, more than all other MAJCOMS combined. As a result, since 2008, there has been an imperative to increase fuel efficiency across the Mobility Air Forces. In April 2013, the AMC's fuel efficiency office evolved into the fuel efficiency division (AMC/A3F), falling under the directorate of operations (AMC/A3). That evolution has allowed us to better affect culture change and to align significant fuel efficiency efforts with operational mission effectiveness. Several initiatives have the potential to greatly enhance fuel efficiency. One example that just began is a grassroots-level analysis of flying operations called Line Operations Energy Analysis (LOEA). This program is a collaboration with our primary partner at the Air Staff, SAF/IEN, where AMC aircrews are interviewed for feedback, best practices and ideas to improve fuel efficiency. AMC's first visit was An E-3 Sentry receives fuel from a KC-135 Stratotanker during Red Flag-Alaska 17-2, above Canada. Tankers allow the E-3 to stay in the in the air longer to provide more surveillance for the other allies in the battlespace . (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Chris Thornbury) Lt. Col. Vince Zabala EXTENDING OPERATIONAL REACH ADVANCED FUEL EFFICIENCY 18 | Armor & Mobility | August 2017

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