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MAR-APR 2018

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provide food, fuel and medical supplies for disaster relief efforts and non-food items for refugees in the Middle East. The agency also procures and stores equipment such as hand tools, batteries, shovels and hoses, providing critical support of the Forest Service effort to fight wildfires and deal with other fire-related emergencies. Goals in this line of effort include strengthening c r i s i s - re s p o n s e a n d contingency operations, as well as using DLA's global assets to provide more cost-effective solutions, eliminating duplication and capitalizing on economies of scale. Over the last several years, the agency has increased its support and rapid deployment capability to global crises. This has included providing much-needed fuel, food, water, medicine and other critical supplies in response to the Ebola crisis in Liberia, Hurricanes Sandy and Matthew and, most recently, Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. "These situations demand a rapid response capability that is much more than ad hoc—something that is planned, something that is a systemic part of what we do. This growing rapid-response requirement must be more prominently reflected in our strategic plan," Williams said. In supporting recent hurricane relief, DLA deployed more than 100 people to work alongside FEMA and other federal agencies, augmenting logistics support and providing forward command-and- control capability. Some of the staff provided were members of the DLA's rapid deployment teams. DLA has three full-time teams of volunteers ready to deploy on short notice. There are 13 members from DLA headquarters and its major subordinate commands on each team, representing each of DLA's supply chains, as well as distribution, disposition, information technology, expeditionary contracting and legal services. DLA's relief efforts also included members of all three of DLA's expeditionary distribution teams that until the 2017 hurricanes had not deployed simultaneously in response to a natural disaster. The teams helped FEMA and military units receive, store and manage staging areas as thousands of trucks filled with food, water, personal hygiene kits and other critical supplies arrived on military bases for distribution to those in need. DLA's other support included providing nearly 3 million gallons of jet fuel, diesel, gas, and propane; millions of meals ready to eat and shelf-stable meals that can be stored to meet ongoing needs; thousands of cots, sleeping bags, and tents; thousands of maps; thousands of generators and radios; and hundreds of different types of pharmaceuticals to support the Navy hospital ship USNS Comfort's relief efforts. The agency also helped link up contractors with military units requiring storm debris cleanup. Reaffirming Clarity of Commitment Always Accountable objectives ensure DLA's business is guided by ethical behavior, reliability and transparency. DLA will achieve auditability through documented processes, automated tools, and controls that are secure and compliant. Risk assessment and mitigation measures also remain top priorities. The new strategic plan underlines that the key to mission success across these priorities is its people and culture—for the agency's plan must be carried out by people. They are the core of each agency goal and objective and, most importantly, each solution. Although "People and Culture" is not identified as a line of effort in the new plan, the workforce must possess the skills, tools and supporting culture to meet DLA's ever-changing demands, Williams said. "In previous DLA Strategic Plans, 'People and Culture' was a separate line of effort that focused on building and sustaining a workforce capable of meeting current future mission requirements. Under this strategic plan, we are calling out people and culture as a foundational, critical element of everything we do, and therefore have created a separate companion human capital plan appropriately titled the 'DLA People and Culture Plan,'" Williams said. Objectives include professional development, attracting a highly skilled and diverse workforce, maintaining life/work balance and rewarding performance. "I think people do best in organizations where they feel valued, where they feel empowered and where they feel that what they do makes a difference. They understand the why" Williams said. Additional guidance for implementing the plan will be released in 2018 and will be incorporated into Annual Operating Plans throughout the enterprise. Progress will be measured by plans and policy experts, who will also provide detailed, constructive feedback to ensure success. "I urge each of you to do your part in helping the agency carry out this plan," Williams said. "This will give us the best chance of overcoming the unforeseen challenges we know are in our future." SIGN UP FOR YOUR SUBSCRIPTION | scan the code to sign up now! DLA STRATEGIC PLAN March/April 2018 | Armor & Mobility | 19

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