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MAR-APR 2018

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INSIGHTS Armor & Mobility ISSN: 2151-190x Published by Tactical Defense Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without permission is strictly forbidden. ©2018 Tactical Defense Media publications are free to members of the U.S. military, employees of the U.S. government, non-U.S. foreign service based in the U.S. and defense contractors. All TDM publications are sent electronically to international readers. Mailing Address Tactical Defense Media, Inc. PO Box 12115 Silver Spring, MD 20908-0115 USA Telephone: (301) 974-9792 Fax: (443) 637-3714 Tactical Defense Media Publications and Proud Members WARFIGHTERS TACTICAL ANNUAL GEAR GUIDE WARFIGHTERS TACTICAL As the Pentagon works through early 2018 budgetary challenges, U.S. combat forces continue to maintain mission readiness. From the implementation of tactical communication network upgrades to next-generation avionics for anti-submarine warfare to an evolution in force logistics augmentation reflecting strategy in support of Joint force operability, the Department of Defense is committed to winning the fight to keep America's interests secure. The March/April 2018 issue of Armor & Mobility (A&M) provides an in-depth look at perspectives from key leaders. A&M targets insight into the growth of tactical networking critical to coordination and movement of the U.S. Army in an exclusive interview with Major General Randy Taylor, Commanding General, U.S. Army Communications- Electronics Command (CECOM), Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. With the acquisition of new technology, CECOM is partnering with the Program Executive Office for Command Control Communications-Tactical (PEO-C3T), an office tasked with ensuring that tactical comms readiness is maximized through advanced combat network modernization. Logistics support that drives operational capability is surely as important as tactical communications assurance. To this end, the U.S. Army Sustainment Command (ASC) integrates and synchronizes the delivery of a myriad of logistical capabilities and enablers from around the world. Army Sustainment Command, Commanding General, Major General Duane Gamble, spoke with A&M regarding current top priorities in implementing the fifth iteration of DoD's Logistics Civil Augmentation Program or LOGCAP V. Without a strategy for deploying logistics standards across areas of operation (AORs), a tactical force exists only by random maneuver. To address this essential operational need, the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is at the tip of force logistics strategy with the recent release of its Strategic Plan 2018-2026. DLA Director Lieutenant General Darrell Williams, speaks to Agency priorities in strengthening a more lethal force, reinforcing alliances with industry and government partners, and reforming business practices. March/April A&M also provides a look at the Navy's newest iteration of its anti-submarine air patrol capability, the P-8A Poseidon. The Commander of Patrol Reconnaissance Group (PRG) and PRG-Pacific, Rear Admiral William "Trey" Wheeler III, discusses how the P-8A's computing power and ability to process data from multiple sources more effectively than its predecessor, the P-3C Orion, is giving the U.S. a clear advantage in the international battle for global maritime dominance. We welcome your comments and suggestions.Thank you for your continued readership. Sonia Bagherian Publisher Tactical Defense Media Christian Sheehy Editor Tactical Defense Media Jittima Saiwongnuan Graphic Designer Tactical Defense Media Jane Engel Associate Publisher Tactical Defense Media Cathy Kieserman Office Administrator Tactical Defense Media Ellie Collins Circulation Manager Tactical Defense Media DISCLAIMER: Tactical Defense Media (TDM) is privileged to publish work by members of the military and government personnel. We make a special effort to allow writers to review their articles before publication, critique our edits, and make changes. TDM typically follows, but is not bound by, the AP Style Guide, and reserves the right to determine the style, including but not limited to capitalizations and other grammatical aspects, except in the cases where the style is dictated by military or DoD standards and practices. 2 | Armor & Mobility | March/April 2018

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